Rice fields, free dinner, hat and good weather

English brekfast in the morning, again – njamy. After hard goodbye – I allmost get tears in my eyes 🙂 really, these two days I felt like I was at home. Hope we’re going to meet soon, maybe in India, Slovenia, Spain or U.K. who knows, I’m writing in english that you two, Keith and Liz would understand.This text may be full off errors, but who cares. Bless you and my mistakes, which are preety good sometimes, I don’t meen those in text, but those in life. For example I missed the road, that’s why I came to Flix, and there were you. Really good one!

Anyway I have to explain free dinner 🙂 but before that story I must tell you I had to change my tires – two times… O.K. came to Tortosa – beautifull town, went to drink some coca cola of course, and then one refreshing Shampoo (0,5dl beer + 1,5dl limonade). There were 3 locals, one of them was owner of this bar – Negresco, place was loaded with Che pictures and portrates, and one jamaican girl behind the pult, serving drinks. Owner said in Spanish, bring your bike in, it’s not safe outside, and then we start to talk with words, hands and making animal sounds, and there was big talk arround my solar pannels. Jamaican girl said that when she would have 1000€, would go to Morocco, buy barca, muuuu and bee beee, beee (sheep). Than I said vamos, bicikleta, come on with me. Tones of laugh, than the owner went back, brought me cowboy hat and gave me one more coca cola and schrimp balls, potato pie, bread with tomato, I ate it all, and then he gave me more – eggs with mayo and olives, more tomato bread… I’m full now senior. Mucos gracias, and I gave each one of them two ganesh pooja sticks (they are priceless Liz, just like your LCD ‘fishing’ lamp which I’m using right now 🙂

IMG 1330

Than I pinched my tire again, and guess what. My new spanish amigo helped me to fix it.

IMG 1332

Now I’ve build tent under pretty old olive tree right above rice fields, here are a lot of figes, limets, lemons and stars above me. I’m camping in natural park where delta of the biggest Spanish river Ebre touches Mediterranen Sea. It’s magic!

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2 komentarja to “Rice fields, free dinner, hat and good weather”

  • plunc:

    ja kwaj dej poj dej Vidmar..RISPEKT za vse tele scene k si jih prevozu pa k jih še boš pa za bl zanimive zgodbice k so u Lejdi..več uš pa poj puvedov k nazaj prideš a kwa?!? ja seuede, uživancija (:

  • No evo, pa ti le ni treba gledat v “container”:) Un more po smeteh iskat, ti pa sam pred kafano parkiraš pa mal gobc stegneš pa maš malco:) Tele solarne celice so bla dobra ideja. Poleg tega, da maš štrom za notebook in telefon, ti zrahtajo še malco:)

    To se splača:)

    lp, Matej